Take your mind off things

So lately I've been getting pretty stressed and I didn't no what to do about it. But then it just happened to be wellbeing week and let's just say I learnt a very important lesson.  There is no point stressing about things that have been such as exams or interviews as they over with and... Continue Reading →


Ok guys…

I know that it has been a day or two since my last post and I'm not expecting any people to read this, but i just wanted to explain my situation and see if you have any advice. Last year my parents told me they were divorcing. I know this was for the best and... Continue Reading →

Don’t expect much…

Before today I had no intention of starting a blog. But I have so many things that I need to talk about. I was told that i should speak to people rather than to you guys on the internet but i just find that so much harder(not saying that you aren't people, but you know... Continue Reading →

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